Building a brand for over a decade.


I’ve worked with the founder of the LCT Team since 2006, the beginning of my design career. Since then, it has grown from a team of 3 to a team of 10. I have established the LCT Team’s brand and marketing style alongside the team as it has matured.

Logo & branding

The logo we currently use for the team originated as a logo for the team lead when she was marketing herself as a solo agent. Once she began to recruit team members, we rehauled the old logo with a more modern look and transformed it into the TEAM version it is today.

We have put the logo on products from pens, books, Yeti cups, champagne flutes, puffer vests and more.


The team regularly advertises in magazines from our area, including popular publications like Nashville Edit and Southern Exposure. These are great opportunities for me to showcase not only the agents, but their current listings as well.

Email Marketing

One of the things we strive to do as a team is to keep in contact with our clients, whether we sold their house ten years ago or we recently helped them purchase their dream home. We like to touch base with our monthly newsletter or maybe a reminder that it’s the holidays and we’re wishing them well. We also market to other agents, letting them know when one of our listings has reduced in price or when we’re holding an event.

Print Marketing

I create a custom marketing package for each home that we list, both resales and new construction. Not only is it a way to communicate all of the desirable features of a home to potential clients, but having a fully worded brochure (I write copy too!) is a priceless keepsake for the previous homeowners as well.

Social Media

I work closely with the team's content manager to create graphics across several social media platforms. We promote local events, the agents' successes, open houses - you name it.

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