Hi, I’m Tiffany Vandermark!
It’s great to meet you. ♥

Tiffany is a UX & visual designer who wants to join forces with companies to create delightful products that people want to use over and over again.

With her 14+ years as a graphic designer and a growing UX skillset, she’s ready to show the world that design can both look amazing and work efficiently.

For over a decade, she has been a solo designer working alongside the LCT Team with Parks Realty. What was once a Realtor working from her home has grown into an 10 member industry leader, producing over $150 million dollars in sales last year. Her marketing and design work consistently set the team apart from competitors in the Greater Nashville area.

She is currently looking for a job in UX/Product Design (locally or remote) where she can thrive & collaborate with her peers.


I’m an autodidact - I’m almost entirely self-taught

Wizard is my go-to D&D class

I love to make things! Especially animations, pottery
&  illustrations

One of my favorite side projects is making shirt designs based on video games (mostly JRPGs)

Let's keep in touch!